The Company

GIM Legal was born from the outstanding capabilities and long standing experiences of business lawyers and chartered accountants who have developed significant technical skills acting in leading international law firms, SGR, SIM, insurance groups and regulatory authorities. The business model of GIM Legal is based on a strong specialization of the consulting activity in the reference areas and on the development of professional skills, which are offered to clients in a partnership and shared objectives approach.


GIM Legal is founded on the most significant domestic and international experiences of a number of professionals (lawyers and chartered accountants) who, thanks to a solid twenty-year technical background, have developed a legal and regulatory advisory company that mainly focuses on financial services, real estate investments, corporate law and capital markets.

Business Model

The Business Model of GIM Legal foresees a strong specialization in the field of capital markets and real estate law for clients who, above all, operate in the financial services and real estate industries. The Business Model is defined according to principles and rules that ensure the stability of the organization over time, providing the company with a solid model aimed at encouraging business development in full compliance with the rules set out in the behavior codes of business lawyers.

Corporate governance

    These are the main strengths of the Business Model:
  • ✓ Organization based on the use of technologies and on the digitalization of business processes
  • ✓ Continuous development of skills and knowledge based on databases shared also with clients, up-to-date legal documentation according with international best practices, seminars, training and studies
  • ✓ Active promotion and services offered through permanent business development, corporate communication and marketing functions
  • ✓ Shareholders professionally active in the financial and insurance sectors
  • ✓ Financial soundness based on the prudent use of financial resources and on the banning of the leverage from commercial banks