Litigation and NPLs

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Litigation & NPLs

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Nell 'industry of NPL - Non-Performing Loans, GIM Legal has a large know-how and in favor of its customers offers its assistance and advice on:

    • Management of non-performing positions also using customer management software;
    • Judicial in the context of executive procedures, bankruptcy proceedings and in judgments of merit;
    • Legal&Tax due diligence of NPL portfolios;
    • Transactions for the purchase of credit portfolios through the issue of notes by securitization SPVs; 
    • Opinions on legal and tax issues of particular complexity;
    • Structuring of portfolio transfer transactions pursuant to Article 58 of the TUB; 
    • Structuring and training of AIFs specialized in NPL and UTP; 

Litigation & NPLs

  • Litigation and administrative appeals against the decisions of the Supervisory Authorities (CONSOB, Bank of Italy, IVASS, MEF, Antitrust, Covip); 
  • Financial litigation (investment services, financial products, banking transparency, market abuse, recycling etc.)
  • Real estate litigation, including that relating to contracts;
  • Legal support to operators (including banks, reoco, servicer and investors) in the procedures aimed at recovering secured and unsecured receivables;
  • Issues of criminal law, with particular reference to the prevention of the criminal offenses referred to in the ex. Legislative Decree 231/01 – financial crimes, corporate crimes.

Banking, finance, insurance and fintech


Our experience and expertise in the legal and regulatory field allows us to offer complete and personalized support for the needs of companies, stakeholders and operators in the Venture Capital and Private Equity industry, such as:

Credit Recovery Agencies

Asset Manager


Banking groups

NPL investors

Investment Banks

NPL Credit Servicing

Capital Company

Securitization SPV

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