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Preparatory consultancy for the implementation of new business sectors, for the definition of complex legal structures aimed at carrying out operations in the financial and real estate sectors. Management of relations with institutions and supervisors, drafting of opinions e legal opinionday-to-day assistance on regulatory and compliance matters. Advisory specializes by business sectors and covers, inter alia:

  • banking and financial intermediaries (securities firms - SIM, asset management companies - SGR, private bankingcommercial banks, financial companies, payment institutions, etc.);
  • insurance companies and retirement funds;
  • private equity, private debt and venture capital funds;
  • real estate and real estate funds;
  • real estate finance;
  • independent financial advice;
  • listed companies and issuers of financial instruments;
  • fintech and digital finance;
  • alternative finance and sustainable finance;
  • crowdfunding in all its forms;
  • assistance in corporate governance and corporate assignments (compliance, SB 231, independent directors, etc.).

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