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Assistance in the ordinary and extraordinary operations of customers for the negotiation, revision and definition of contractual and corporate documents of various kinds, as well as carrying out due diligence and support in the stipulation of agreements.

Our transaction department specializes by type of activities and covers, inter alia:

  • Investments and divestments in the real estate market;
  • all the contracts related to the real estate and construction market (sale and purchase agreements, construction contracts, general contractors agreements, lease agreements etc.);
  • Negotiation and definition of loan agreements and debt restructuring;
  • the capital market sector, equity side and debt side , in all the preparatory and executive phases for the issue and placement of financial instruments;
  • M&A activities M&A in the reference markets of private equity, venture capital and energy;
  • the corporate financesector, including private debt and direct lending transactions,as well as the issue of bonds, minibonds and other types of financial instruments;
  • Credit securitisations (including NPLs - Non-performing loans and UTP credits - unlikely to pay) and other structured finance transactions.

GIM Legal at your disposal